Category: dreams

  • Summer 2022

    Summer 2022

    June 21 – Summer Solstice 20 Earth twirls ’round the sun brief as clouds our lives vanish hidden in Heaven 21 screaming kids playing high-pitched improvised symphonies dreams compose life 22 Heaven anticipate playing with history’s toys I’ll redeem treasures June 23 – Midnight in bed 23 desire’s mystery caress my skin like lover I’m…

  • Winter 2023 – February

    Winter 2023 – February

    February 1 – Morning 76 life is given us left man house land for Jesus have it all now 77 a blessed luxury winter warm with dog resting nurtured by mystery 78 unconditional love thank God for dogs the Angels’ gloves February 2 – Morning 79 colors sing silently soul’s visible composition I love the…

  • March 2023: Winter-Spring

    March 2023: Winter-Spring

    March 2 – Morning 90 bare trees script yearning dreary march of winter’s end ghostly mist rain-jeweled March 4 – Morning 91 God is our love devils dwell in sex hormones good Angels court us March 7 – Morning 92 aging time slows down wild birds the years fly and lay death’s mystery egg March…

  • Holy April 2023

    Holy April 2023

    April 2 – Evening 105 my adored doggy growing old makes me suffer loving pets God’s troops April 6 – Morning 106 in the mists of time I join all women dreaming at windows waiting Saturday April 8, 2023 between Good Friday & Easter 107 cold lonely morning clinging to Christ warms me up our…

  • Holy Nonfiction

    Holy Nonfiction

    Dream Courtship A lucid dream begins at the moment you become aware that you are dreaming, and fully conscious of the experience even though your body is sound asleep. In lucid, as well as in semi-lucid dreams, the Holy Spirit may choose to speak personally with our soul. In my intimate autobiographical account, I share…

  • Holy Prose

    Holy Prose

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