Category: Poetry

  • Holy April 2023

    Holy April 2023

    April 2 – Evening 105 my adored doggy growing old makes me suffer loving pets God’s troops April 6 – Morning 106 in the mists of time I join all women dreaming at windows waiting Saturday April 8, 2023 between Good Friday & Easter 107 cold lonely morning clinging to Christ warms me up our…

  • Summer Solstice 2023

    Summer Solstice 2023

    June 1, 2023 – Morning 135 exercise of faith supernatural muscles holy dance partners 136 rising sun bathing half-closed eyes welcome light’s arms yearning plays with fire 137 bright police whistle not responding breaks God’s laws bird summoning mate June 2 – Morning 138 wall built of large stones creates grand chipmunk tunnels burrow’s battlements…

  • Love Notes to our LORD

    Love Notes to our LORD

    Love Notes to our Lord “There are four distinct ways of looking at the process of spiritual formation… The third perspective, more feminine in its tone and experience, is the way of spiritual espousal and often employs bridal imagery. Here, spiritual formation is experienced as God the lover seducing, wooing and trying to win the…