Category: sensual

  • Spring 2022

    Spring 2022

    1 the crescent moon’s nail caresses hunting hawk a divine vision June 5th – Pentecost 2 wind leaves whispering my closed eyes kissed by the sun I think of Jesus 3 a jet stream forged blade breaks cloud dinosaur’s backbone and my pen bleeds ink 4 copters’ blades pounding hard and headed straight for me…

  • Summer 2022

    Summer 2022

    June 21 – Summer Solstice 20 Earth twirls ’round the sun brief as clouds our lives vanish hidden in Heaven 21 screaming kids playing high-pitched improvised symphonies dreams compose life 22 Heaven anticipate playing with history’s toys I’ll redeem treasures June 23 – Midnight in bed 23 desire’s mystery caress my skin like lover I’m…

  • March 2023: Winter-Spring

    March 2023: Winter-Spring

    March 2 – Morning 90 bare trees script yearning dreary march of winter’s end ghostly mist rain-jeweled March 4 – Morning 91 God is our love devils dwell in sex hormones good Angels court us March 7 – Morning 92 aging time slows down wild birds the years fly and lay death’s mystery egg March…

  • Holy Prose

    Holy Prose

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