Category: clouds

  • Fall 2022

    Fall 2022

    September 22 – Morning 43 immersed in sorrows floating in heaven’s blue sea waxing gibbous moon 44 Curious goat ate faithless lover’s phone only I was hurt September 26 – Afternoon 45 keys to God’s presence the world’s live hieroglyphics love’s vision’s literate 46 our deep-space pupils sentient iris galaxies life’s loving atmosphere October 7…

  • Winter 2023 – February

    Winter 2023 – February

    February 1 – Morning 76 life is given us left man house land for Jesus have it all now 77 a blessed luxury winter warm with dog resting nurtured by mystery 78 unconditional love thank God for dogs the Angels’ gloves February 2 – Morning 79 colors sing silently soul’s visible composition I love the…

  • Summer Solstice 2023

    Summer Solstice 2023

    June 1, 2023 – Morning 135 exercise of faith supernatural muscles holy dance partners 136 rising sun bathing half-closed eyes welcome light’s arms yearning plays with fire 137 bright police whistle not responding breaks God’s laws bird summoning mate June 2 – Morning 138 wall built of large stones creates grand chipmunk tunnels burrow’s battlements…