Category: Pentecost

  • Spring 2022

    Spring 2022

    1 the crescent moon’s nail caresses hunting hawk a divine vision June 5th – Pentecost 2 wind leaves whispering my closed eyes kissed by the sun I think of Jesus 3 a jet stream forged blade breaks cloud dinosaur’s backbone and my pen bleeds ink 4 copters’ blades pounding hard and headed straight for me…

  • May’s Holy Spirit 2023

    May’s Holy Spirit 2023

    May 6 – Evening 117 like a sleeping dog at our Lord’s feet waking up to God’s faithful love May 7 – Just after midnight 118 regrets griefs the moon’s marias’ smeared mascara Earth’s tides heave our sobs May 13 – Morning 119 Eucharistic Sun cloud veils reveal life’s Lord’s face awed I meet His…