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  • Winter 2023 – February

    Winter 2023 – February

    February 1 – Morning 76 life is given us left man house land for Jesus have it all now 77 a blessed luxury winter warm with dog resting nurtured by mystery 78 unconditional love thank God for dogs the Angels’ gloves February 2 – Morning 79 colors sing silently soul’s visible composition I love the…

  • March 2023: Winter-Spring

    March 2023: Winter-Spring

    March 2 – Morning 90 bare trees script yearning dreary march of winter’s end ghostly mist rain-jeweled March 4 – Morning 91 God is our love devils dwell in sex hormones good Angels court us March 7 – Morning 92 aging time slows down wild birds the years fly and lay death’s mystery egg March…